Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sissy Caller

I had one of the most amusing calls the other day….a little sissy boy decided to call me for some feminization phone sex. He wanted me to make him dress up in my lingere and one of my dresses. The little wuss. I had to put makeup on his ugly face to make him look like a real girl……had to tweeze his brows too (they were just too masculine looking!). He needed extensions in his hair because it was just too short to be called feminine. I had to pull and tug and braid and curl that hair to make it look just right. I used butterfly clips and crystal combs to pin all those curls in place. Then I made her put on some heels and start to walk. She tripped her way across my room and begged me to help her walk right. I made her practice over and over until she had it right, that naughty little girl. Then I made her pose for some pictures in just the lingere. She blushed very prettily for me.

Call me for some really hot fetish phone sex!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Ready to Play

Hhhmmmm........I've been on vacation for far too long. I am starved for some of your big hard cock. I am all wet just thinking about what I have missed and what you have to give me. I need some hot phone sex.....I need to tie you down and rip all your clothes off. I grab your hair and pull you to my titty making you take me into your mouth. I groan and tell you to bite, you do and I scratch your back and moan in pleasure. I run my hands down your chest over your stomach and cup your balls. Rolling them slowly in my hands. I run a finger down the length of your dong and ask you if this is what you need taken care of. I use some warm oil to coat my hand and slowly stroke you up and down up and down. You beg me to go faster to put you into my tight pink hole but I say no. Too soon for that you naught boy. I stroke you soo slowly until you just cannot stand anymore and beg with every breath to be given your release. I increase the rythem and slide down you faster and faster, your hips rock with every down stroke. Then I stop. I crawl forward on the bed and straddle you. I put the head at my tight entrance but go no further. You try to rock forward to get into me but I don't let you. How badly do you want this I ask. Oh give it to me baby please I need it ssooo bad, just a little further....You reply. I smile and ask you to beg me louder. You scream out how much you need it. Slowly I sink down onto you. You feel my hot cream drip onto your balls and you groan. I start to rock on you slow at first, teasing, then faster and faster I grab your face and tell you cum for me. Cum for me now. You obey and orgasim so hard your cum starts to drip out of me mixing with mine. My orgasim follows close behind gripping you so tight you almost cum again it feels so good. I carefully silde you out of me and untie your hands so you can wipe up.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yay! I get to go on vacation!

Sooooo many of you don't know, but I'm going on a little vacation now to get some rest and relaxation. :) hehe It's been much needed! I'm off to see the spectacular wonders of the world! I'll be gone a few months, but don't be scared! I've set up some of my naughty friends to play with my favorite boys while I'm gone! *giggles*

Here are some of my hot friends below if you'd like to do naughty calls with them!
Young Redhead Hottie Payton
Naughty Teen Mia

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

I wanna play doctor

Do you want to know what I've been thinking this morning? I've been imagining what it would be like to examine you. Maybe I'd be your doctor. Maybe you'd come to my office for an examination.I'd have you disrobe and lie on the examination table. I'd pull on rubber gloves and gently fondle your scrotum, feeling your balls for any trouble. I'd touch your cock, pulling it lightly.This part of the exam is brief and I soon ask you to flip over.You do and at this point can no longer see me or what it is I'm doing. You can hear me moving around the room, the rustle of clothing, the opeing and closing of a drawer. You can hear my footsteps as I again draw near to you. I place my cool rubber-encased hand against your ass and ask to scooch yourself down the table until your legs are hanging off. In this way I can fully examine your ass.I gently pull apart your cheeks, looking closely at your brown star. I touch you with my finger and the rubber of the glove pulls at your hole, stretching it to the side. I lean in closely and you can feel my breath on your most private parts. I can hear your breathing quicken and you raise your ass slightly off the table. I press you back down with one hand, patting your cheek firmly. Not yet.I step away from you for a moment. You can hear me fumbling with something before I again approach the table. You feel the fingers of one hand pulling your cheeks apart wide, wider. Cold gel hits your asshole, and a fingertip begins to push past the brown barrier. I barely slip the finger in, allowing the bundles of nerves in that particular part of your body to come to attention. I see your sack has tightened and pulled your balls into your body.I remove my finger almost before it's entered you. I squirt more jelly onto your anus, allowing its coldness to slide down to your balls. I again probe you with a finger, this time pressing it all the way into you. My fist bumps into the softness of your ass cheeks repeatedly as I continue with my exam. I twist my hand with each forward stroke, moving faster into you. This time I use two fingers, pushing past your hole, pulling your cheek out to the side with my other hand. I like your reaction to what I'm doing, but you're getting a little loud. I shush you and give you a little spank. I reach down and feel for your cock. It's stiff and red. I squirt jelly onto my palm and stroke your cock while I again go back to pumping my fingers into your ass.I think it's time to show you how much I appreciate a good patient. With your heart pounding, your hips bucking and your breath gasping, I stop what I'm doing. You hear me again moving around, the opening of cupboard and the rustle of clothing. You shut your eyes, wondering what's coming next.Again my hand touches your cheek. This time I have no gloves and my warm fingers feel good on your ass. I stroke your beautiful mounds of flesh appreciatively; stroking, then lightly spanking, then squeezing you. You can feel I'm wearing a cock strapped to my hips. It touches you, bouncing against you lightly as I play with your ass. You can hear me pick up the jelly and squeeze it out of the tube. You can hear the wet sounds of me smearing the jelly onto my dick.My hands again spread your cheeks wide. Your hips are raised in anticipation. I place the head of my glistening dong against the already slick opening to your ass. You grunt as I push into you. I begin with long slow strokes, in and out, pressing my cock fully into your ass, feeling your cool cheeks against the bones of my hips. I intersperse that with quick thrusting, and I enjoy your response. You begin moving in rhythm with what I'm doing. It doesn't take long before I can use your signal to determine how I go about fucking you. I run my hands up and down your back, around your hips. I spank your ass hard, watching the redness rise to the surface of your skin. I begin fucking you in earnest now, slamming my hips against your ass, digging my fingers into the fless of your cheeks.You're making noises, soft ones, small sounds of pleasure and pain. Your sack is red and tight and wrinkled, your cock stiff and engorged. I reach up and pull your arms down to your sides and hold your wrists tight as I continue to fuck you. "Cum for me, baby," I say to you. "I want to see you cum for me."You've moved down further from the table so you're standing and your cock is free, with your torso resting on the table. With each thrust of my hips, your cock bumps into the table lightly, giving you enough touch to bring you closer to the edge. I release one of your wrists and command you to touch yourself, which you do.Within seconds you're cumming. You cry out as your cum squirts to the floor. The intensity of it causes you to nearly stand as the orgasm runs through you.You begin to relax back onto the table. I slowly and carefully remove my cock from your ass and give you an pat and hand you a towel. That was nice. Very, very nice.I ask that you make an appointment with my secretary for a follow-up exam in one week. I'll see you then.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Pics and Videos!

Hey there! I just wanted everyone to know that I have new pics and a new hot video of me rubbing and fucking my pussy! If you call for 15 minutes you get 15 pics, and if you call for 30 minutes, you get the video and the pics! That is a great deal! Fuck ya soon! Kisses!

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Can't Wait to Get You Home

I am getting wet from just sitting here and watching you play softball. I want you so much that I can taste it, but that will have to wait until later. It seems like the game will never end. Finally the game is over and we jump in your truck and head to your house. Once there, you head to the bathroom to take a shower while I get comfy on the sofa. I hear the water running and in my mind's eye I can see you getting undressed and stepping into the shower. Hmmm, that gives me an idea.I head to the bathroom and quietly get undressed. You are rinsing the shampoo out of your hair when I step into the shower with you. You jump when you open your eyes because you didn't know that I was there. I have a grin on my face and tell you that I thought you might need some help.I take your hand and bring it to my lips, sucking on your index finger. You try to pull away but I won't let you. I do this to each of your fingers, making you crazy with need for me. You are facing me, and I run the wash cloth over your chest, down to your stomach, and as I go lower, you try to stop me, but I will not be stopped. I drop the rag and start to stroke you, loving the feel of you in my hands. I look up at you and you have a grin on your face, so I reach up and slowly trace your lips with my tongue. I nibble on your lips a bit, but then get back to what I was doing before.My hand is replaced with my mouth on you, hot and wet, licking and sucking gently. You lean back on the shower wall to keep from falling. Up and down your cock my tongue goes, teasing you, making you want more. I take all of you into my mouth, feeling you swell even more, making you go wild. You tell me to stop, but I keep going, stroking and licking until I feel you explode in my mouth. We get out of the shower and you take my hand and lead me to the bed. You gently lay me down, running your eyes over my body. Your hands follow the same path that your eyes did. A trail of kisses follows your hands, up to my stomach, my breasts, licking and sucking each one, then on to my shoulders, finally to my neck and face. Your fingers search out the place that you want to be, finding me wet with need for you. You kiss me deeply, then leave a trail of kisses back down my stomach, lower to my pussy. First licking the lips, then sucking gently. Your tongue finds my clit, and you gently suck on it. I love the feel of your mouth on me. You keep licking and sucking my clit until I come. You slowly crawl up the bed, covering my body as you go. You start to slide into me, but pause for a second or two, and I tell you that I need you. Be patient, you say. You are doing this to drive me wild. I’m trying to pull you in deeper, but you hold back, only giving a little at a time. You love the feel of your cock sliding into me as much as I do. Once you are completely inside me, you just lay there and enjoy the feel of it – hot and wet. Slowly you start to move in and out. My body is tingling from head to toe. I protest as you move both of my hands above my head and hold them there. Be patient, you say again. I have my legs wrapped around your waist, trying to set the tempo, but you are going at your own slow pace, driving me insane. You hold both of my hands in one of yours, and take your free hand to trace little trails on my face, around my eyes, down my nose, then to my lips. I kiss one finger, then slowly suck it into my mouth, licking and nipping it. You release my hands and I run them from your shoulders down your arms, feeling your muscles as I go. I love the feel of them flexing as I touch you. You start to speed up, thrusting harder and harder inside me. I rake my nails down your back and grip your ass, pulling you into me. I tell you that I’m almost there, so you slide your hand between us to play with my clit, sending me over the edge. You can feel me cuming, pulsing around you, which makes you come too. Once our breathing becomes normal again, you slide off to the side, holding me in your arms. I look up at you, and you have a grin on your face...........
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Thursday, May 31, 2007

At the Club

He was incredible on the dance floor, and I zeroed in on him immediately despite the throngs of people thrashing in time to the music." I want the next dance," I announced, giving him no chance of refusal. I felt his arms go around me, and we fell into a natural rhythm. My hands fisted into his sweat-drenched t-shirt, my stomach brushing against the fly of his leather pants. I could feel the erection growing under his clothing, and it set a chain heat through my body. His head dropped forward, and I could feel his breath hot against my neck. It set my nipples erect, brushing against his chest as we moved. I moved my hands around his neck, pushing my body harder into him, his lips brushing my earlobe. His tongue came out once, tasting the sweat-and-perfume mixture on my neck in one bold lick. I moaned and dipped my hips, grinding playfully against his thigh. "Are you wet?" He asked me, the whisper sending goosebumps up my skin. "Why don't you find out?" I whispered back. I was only teasing him, baiting him along.....but he took it literally and I felt one hand slide from my lower back to my hip, then up my dress. We were hidden among a sea of dancing couples, so no one knew just how hot of a turn things were taking. I felt his fingers trace the damp satin of my thong, then slip past, touching lightly the pouting lips of my pussy. I shuddered when I felt two fingers slide in me, testing my damp pussy with obvious skill. I stared up into his eyes, those eyes that burned into mine as he withdrew his fingers, then plunged them back in. groaned, and felt his hand withdrawl, bringing it up between our bodies and between our faces. He put his fingers, slick with my juices against my lips and I could smell my arousal on them. Opening my mouth, I took them in and sucked them clean, tasting the salty wetness and caressing his fingertips with my teeth and tongue. He removed his fingers and refilled my mouth with his tongue, and we shared a long and lusty kiss. We were grinding in earnest now, practically fucking on the dance floor, and he broke the kiss to lick again at my ear and neck. I couldn't take much more of this "dance" of ours, it was intoxicating foreplay, but I needed release and I could feel he did too, the way his cock was pressing against me. We pushed our way through the crowd of people, making our way to the door to the club. WE went straight to his apartment. We were on each other as soon as the door slammed behind us. His hands came under my ass, lifting me up and wrapping my legs around his waist. He pressed me back against the door we'd just come through, and I cried out when I felt his mouth on my mouth.We quickly undressed. The dark hair spilling over his white skin was an incredible sight, but not as incredible as the beautiful cock that rose up hard and proud from his groin. It was normal in length, but was thicker than most, and jutted proudly from a nest of pubic hair the same raven-black as his hair. I fell to my knees before him. Taking that thick organ in my palm, I ran my tongue over the head, tasting the juices already coating its crown. I cupped his ass, my fingernails digging into the flesh as I sank my mouth down, deep-throating its length. He groaned and twisted his fingers in my blonde hair, pulling my head up the shaft, then back down to engulf it again. I caressed his thighs, his balls, his ass while I used my considerable skill at pleasing him with my lips and tongue. He pulled free of my lips, and tugged me to my feet, lying me back on his bed. My eyes fixed on his head as he brought his lips to my left breast, teasing the already-hard bud of my nipple, biting and sucking me into a frenzy. He spent equal time with both of my breasts, until my breath was coming fast and I was dying to feel him move lower. He didn't disappoint me, raining kisses down my stomach towards my thong. Looking up at me, he gave me a smile that melted me while he fingered the black thong teasingly. His blue eyes dark, he ripped the scrap of cloth with one jerk, exposing my pink pussy to his will as I cried out. When he lowered his tongue to my shaved pussy, I closed my eyes, savoring the feel of the wetness tracing my outer lips. He found my clit, already a small hard pearl, and flicked light licks over it until I was bucking my hips up with every one, sobbing aloud. He covered my clit with his lips and sucked hard, and I felt my orgasm growing close. He rolled me to my stomach, and I crawled to my knees, spreading my thighs for him. His body came up mine covering me, then I felt his mouth working my neck as the head of his cock probed my slit. And then he was sliding in me fully, and I felt his hips flush against my buttocks. I was crying his name over and over, and he was fucking me in a slow, unhurried manner. He licked and sucked my neck, which was one of my biggest turn-on areas, and I felt the heat boiling up in me. He quickened his pace for me, and one hand snaked around to my front to lightly finger my clit until I was at the edge. As the pleasure slammed me, overtaking me, I felt him bite my neck hard, which sent me headlong into another orgasm before I even finished my first. It was like a thousand pleasurable explosions were going off in me, and I dimly felt him still sucking on my neck, and felt his hardness pumping me faster and more purposefully. When he came, he grabbed my hips and held me on his cock, so I could feel his hot spurts of fluid filling my pussy. We collapsed to the bed, exhausted, spent, happy.

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